The Just Employment Policy is supported by students, workers, faculty, and administrators from colleges and universities from across the country who believe our campus employment practices should reflect our shared values of dignity, respect, and justice. We provide guidance and support in implementing just employment policies that ensure that our universities live up to the values that make them great institutions.

The model policy and policy guide offer a vision for how our institutions can realize those values. In particular, the policy addresses the importance of living wages and the right of workers to a dignified workplace.

To sum it up in its most simple form, a living wage should be enough for someone to be able to afford the basic costs of living in the community where they work. Therefore, a living wage would take into consideration the cost of various items such as food, clothing, shelter, and health care in a given community.

We also lay out a clear and comprehensive explanation of what a dignified workplace should look like – nondiscriminatory, safe, and harassment-free. A dignified workplace must also respect workers’ freedom of association and their right to organize.

Colleges and universities have the potential to act as model employers, recognizing the rights of their workers and committing to pay them living wages. As colleges and universities have successfully promoted environmental sustainability, so too must they promote social sustainability, workers’ rights, and social justice.

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