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Are you a student, faculty, or staff member interested in advocating for the Just Employment Policy on your campus? We want to hear from you!

What You Can Do

Host a Training

  • Contact us to plan a training on the Just Employment Policy at your school.
  • Learn about what the Just Employment Policy is, what the policy might look like on your campus, and how to advocate for it successfully.
  • We’ve visited schools in California, DC, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and more.

Advocate on Your Campus

  • Survey the workers on your campus about how the Just Employment Policy would benefit them.
  • Make the case to your school for why workers on your campus deserve a Just Employment Policy by writing to your school newspaper, visiting classrooms, and speaking to student groups.
  • Seek out allies among the faculty, staff, students, and groups at your school and in your community who support the Just Employment Policy.

Connect with Others

  • Build relationships with faculty, staff, students, and groups at your school and in your community who support the Just Employment Policy.
  • Connect with people at other schools in your community and around the country who are advocating for the Just Employment Policy.
  • Share strategies and tactics for successful advocacy.

What Others Are Doing

“There are dozens of workers who continuously aid our campuses; yet, our busy academic and social lives sometimes interfere with our acknowledgement of these services. It is time for all of us as students to recognize the needs of our contracted workers. Multiple contracted workers on campuses receive less benefits and autonomy within their workplace. Within my university at Saint Joe’s, the cafeteria workers are laid off during the summer then forced to go through the re-hiring process for the new school year. As students, we have a unique opportunity to change the conditions workers face on our campuses.”

Felicia Carter '14

St. Joseph's University

“Brandeis Labor Coalition is pushing for the implementation of a Brandeis Just Employment Policy for all workers, including those employed by outside contractors. This Just Employment Policy will provide an indexed living wage standard, ensure all workers have harassment-free work environments and ensure there exists effective, safe grievance procedures. The University will respect the right of workers to vote in union elections and uphold union agreements. Secure, full-time employment will be prioritized over temporary jobs. Lastly, oversight infrastructure will be created to enforce the Just Employment Policy and publish an annual report on labor conditions at Brandeis.”

Julia Dougherty ’15, Tamar Lyssy ’14, and Andrew Nguyen ’15

Brandeis University

“We need to live up to our Jesuit ideals. Everyone deserves and has the right to be paid a living wage that provides a quality of life for them and their families. I believe that those who are working should be able to support themselves and not have to rely on other programs as a means to eat or to live. I believe that a working mother and father should be able to feed and educate their children, and still be able to live in a home and make a life for themselves. We have a duty as men and women for others, to live up to this title. My hope for our committee is to provide a more equitable wage and foster conversations campus-wide about treating our campus workers more compassionately.”

Betsy O'Brien '15

John Carroll University

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