Wooster College Students Turn Out for a Living Wage

Wooster College Students Turn Out for a Living Wage

Last Friday, a hundred and fifty students from the College of Wooster braved the early morning and silently gathered outside of a Board of Trustees meeting at 7:30am to demonstrate to the Board that the campus community overwhelmingly supports the adoption of a living wage. Students greeted the members of the Board of Trustees with signs arguing that providing a living wage to its staff is a moral imperative for the college.

The Trustees were so impressed by the gathering that they invited all of the students into the meeting and gave the opportunity to the two co-Presidents of the Living Wage Campaign to speak about their cause. To their credit, the Trustees even read the packet of materials that students provided ahead of the meeting.

Although their involvement was well-received, it’s clear that there is still work to be done before a living wage becomes a reality at Wooster. The students are determined to continue organizing and advocating until all campus workers at the College of Wooster earn enough to support themselves and their families.


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